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Hand Painted Signs:

For countless years, sign painting has been revered as a craft steeped in tradition. As the pioneer of advertising mediums, hand-drawn lettering exudes an unparalleled sense of warmth, human touch, and artistic allure that is yet to be replicated by newer technologies. At Gold Standard Signs, our devotion to hand painting and hand lettering is fueled by our passion for our craft, our dedication to client satisfaction, and our respect for the heritage of our profession. Hand painted letters embody a lasting appeal and functionality that vinyl simply cannot match.

The color spectrum is more vivid, the strokes resonate with a human touch instead of a mechanical imprint, and hand-painted signs can be customized to any size and applied on virtually any surface. In the realm of hand-painted sign design, we're proud to uphold the legacy

while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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Gold Leaf Signs and Addresses:

A sign is the initial introduction to potential patrons, and employing gold leaf is a definitive way to demonstrate your business's sophistication and commitment to quality, which are essential qualities of a successful business. Likewise, a gold leaf address significantly enhances the aesthetics of your entryway, ensuring better visibility for guests and deliveries. At Gold Standard Signs, we provide reverse glass and surface gilding in a variety of techniques (mirror finish, satin finish, and a combination of both!) and different types of leaf (yellow, white, lemon, moon gold... the options are limitless!). Feel free to browse through our portfolio of various gold leaf

signs we've expertly gilded. Gold leaf and gilded signage hold a significant position in the architectural and commercial

history of New York City and globally. The radiant and attention-grabbing nature of real gold is unrivaled by any other element. Gold leaf can instill elegance and prestige to virtually any structure, serving as either a primary feature or a subtle highlight. Gold Standard Signs is a premier provider of both reverse glass and surface gilding, including unique techniques like double glass gilds, burnishing, and beyond. In the field of handcrafted

signage and particularly gold leaf sign design, we're proud to uphold this historical tradition while infusing a modern, bespoke approach.

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In the earlier days, small business logo design was the exclusive domain of a sign painter - a tradition that we, as logo design professionals, continue to maintain. As experts in business sign design, our team offers a unique perspective, empowering us to produce innovative and captivating business identity design for all sorts of enterprises. Furthermore, our bespoke hand-drawn typography ensures that your business logo and branding will be unique to you - setting you apart from those using readily accessible fonts. Who better to architect your visual branding than the actual design professionals who will execute it?

Illustration and Design:

At Gold Standard Signs, we take great pride in being a studio where design is the driving force. With our design team's extensive background in creative and art direction across diverse sectors before establishing the company, we possess the expertise to undertake

comprehensive branding and identity creation for your business. In addition, we are skilled in leveraging your current branding to design innovative assets for signs, print, and web, including illustration services. Our approach to design is rooted in the principle that it should always begin with a pencil, signifying the handcrafted quality of our work. This artisanal ethos is seamlessly carried forward into our digital design process, ensuring an optimum blend of traditional craft and modern technology in our signage and branding solutions. In the realm of sign design, custom branding, and illustration services, we strive to set the gold standard.

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